Different training goals mean different approaches when it comes to supplementation. Whether you’re aiming for bodybuilding or trying to improve your endurance or want to lose weight – these are dietary supplements that might improve your efficiency, effectiveness and bring you to your goal – a strong body and mind as well.

Dietary supplements necessary for intense strength training and mass building

For people who train intensively in strength and focus on building mass, there are many dietary supplements that provide the necessary nutrition for the body and accelerate the results achieved. Which muscle mass nutrition is crucial to your goal?

Amino acid

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of the body, and their deficiency may result in health problems and a significant reduction in physical performance. Preparations containing amino acids are popular supplements in strength training. The most popular are preparations containing BCAA and EAA amino acids.

  • BCAA amino acids – these are branched-chain amino acids that protect against catabolism and affect post-workout regeneration and muscle growth.
  • EAA amino acids – another type of amino acid often used in athlete supplementation are exogenous EAAs, which the trainer’s body is unable to produce on its own, and which help maintain full fitness.

The most popular manufacturers of dietary supplements for athletes containing amino acids are Biotech USA, Fitness Authority, Trec, Mutant Nutrition, Universal and Scitec Nutrition.


Creatine increases the body’s efficiency during exercise, it is extremely useful during short but intense series of exercises. It allows you to perform more repetitions and increase the weight lifted, which directly translates into a greater increase in muscle mass. Creatine monohydrate used in dietary supplements for athletes is extremely effective, and at the same time completely natural and completely safe for health. Among the producers of nutritional supplements for sportsmen containing creatine monohydrate, the brands Biotech USA, Joker and Olimp can be mentioned.

Protein supplements

Protein is an essential component in the process of building muscle. People interested in a rapid increase in muscle mass are recommended protein supplementation as a supplement to a high-calorie diet. There are many different preparations available on the sports nutrition market to supply the body with protein. You can choose from protein mixes and concentrates from suppliers such as Trec, 7Nutrition or Scitec Nutrition.

Protein bars from Biotech USA and even protein versions of the popular Mars and Snickers bars are also widely available. Manufacturers of supplements also care about vegans by offering vegan protein supplements. Gainers, which are a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates, are also very popular among athletes.

Carbohydrate supplements

The small supply of carbohydrates in the human body is quickly depleted during physical activity, which results in a loss of exercise capacity and an increase in muscle catabolism. For this reason, people who train intensively should supplement carbohydrates with supplements taken immediately after exercise. Carbohydrate supplements for athletes offer, among others Biotech USA and Olimp.


HMB is a short-chain fatty acid that stimulates the body to draw energy from stored fat stores and enables faster muscle regeneration. This causes a greater increase in muscle tissue while reducing body fat. Using HMB as a dietary supplement also increases the effectiveness of consumed proteins. Producers of supplements offering nutrients containing HMB are, among others Trec Nutrition and Scitec Nutrition.

Testosterone boosters

The use of boosters increases the level of testosterone in the blood and increases the endurance of the body, which makes training more effective. Increasing the level of testosterone in the blood allows for faster muscle regeneration and reduces the risk of injury. Manufacturers of testosterone boosters are, among others Biotech USA, 7Nutrition, Olimp and Scitec Nutrition.

Dietary supplements necessary for intense endurance training

During intense endurance training, it is worth reaching for supplements with amino acids and carbohydrate-protein supplements. Additionally, you can consider introducing preparations to support the body before training and to support the joints into your diet.

Pre-training supplements

The most popular pre-workout supplements are preparations containing arginine, which enables faster transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue, which has a positive effect on the muscle-building process. Other active substances in post-workout supplements are caffeine, tyrosine and taurine, which prevent fatigue, improve concentration and stimulate the nervous system, which translates into training effectiveness.

Supplements that strengthen the joints

People who train regularly may experience joint pain associated with damage to the articular cartilage caused by exercise. There are many preparations available on the supplement market to support the reconstruction of cartilage. These are mainly preparations containing collagen and preparations enriched with glucosamine.

There are pre-workout supplements and joint strengthening supplements on the market from brands such as Biotech USA, Olimp, Trec Nutrition or Scitec Nutrition.