Plumbing disasters are always a true nightmare. They come unexpected in the worst time possible and often wreak havoc. Solution? Call the La Casa Services and remove the very root of your problem in the flash!
La Casa Services is a team of professionals from London Harrow. We are aware of the fact that plumbing issues might occur any time and so we are available 24 h. We offer such services as:

  • toilet, sink, shower etc. unblocking – with appropriate technique and equipment
  • sewer cleaning – with high pressure flushing, rotating nozzles, spirals
  • CCTV camera inspection – to examine the problem with the highest accuracy or to prevent future damages

We offer highest quality services at reasonable prices. If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to have an opportunity to answer them.

Use their services:

Find them on the map: 23 Thurlby Close, Harrow, UK

Or maybe you will make a call? 07522 873400