The process of adapting any organization or company to new standards is always a challenge. The difficulty of the process is particularly visible once the company decides to go ISO 27001-certified. Regardless of the norm that they choose to conform to, the implementation of ISO is always very meticulous and time-consuming. It can also get costly and tiresome if not done properly. Many organizations decide to ask for help, choosing outside companies that know everything and anything about ISO 27001 implementation and can help them go through the process without constant bumps on the road. But how exactly does the process look like? What does it entail? How long does the company need to work on conforming to ISO 27001 standards before they are ready for a certification audit?

The role of outside companies

As mentioned before, many organizations that wish to get certified and conform to ISO 27001 choose to get help from companies specializing in ISO and GDPR implementation. One of the reasons for that is that the process of implementation itself is easy only if you know exactly what to look for in your own organization, what needs to be changed and how does the change happen. Usually, those are the things which are the hardest to spot on your own. Meanwhile, outsiders can help you create your own unique management system that is completely true to all ISO 27001 requirements and will help you manage your information security with ease. There are many ISMS that you can find online, but each is slightly different and was most probably created for a particular company. You should go down that route too – management system created for the purpose of your organization will take into account your company’s structure and work methods, which will undoubtedly help you to speed up the implementation process. Once the management system is ready, the outside company should back off and let you implement the changes yourself, having in mind that they’re always there for guidance and suggestions.

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The ISO 27001 implementation process

The first stage has already been done – the management system has been designed. Now it’s time to put it into play. First of all, you need to document all the changes that happen throughout the process. You will have to do your own audit, checking for all your weaknesses and things that are not necessarily compliant with ISO standards. When you do so, write them all down and analyze how you will improve them. Identify your current state of affairs and write down a project plan that will help you get from now to ISO 27001 compliant future.

Improve, improve, improve. Constant improvement engaging all members of your staff will help you get through the process quicker, but it also will be thorough. Remember, that the implementation is followed by an official audit with a certification body. At this stage, your security standards must be up to the ISO 27001 requirements. It’s hard to estimate how much time would it take to get from your own internal audit to the official certification audit, but it may take anywhere between 3 and 6 months. It may seem like a long time, but it’s worth every minute –