Having an ergonomic chair in any office environment is necessary, especially for people who can spend a few hours a day, every day, sitting at the desk and working tirelessly. Whether you’re working at home because of the pandemic, running your company from the comfort of your home or working at a traditional office space, ergonomics should be a field to get interested in. Your health and comfort levels may be greatly improved with a few simple changes, starting with the chair you’re sitting on. Ergonomic office chairs in the Unique WAU line are one of the top choices on the market. 

Why WAU? 

The WAU and WAU 2 lines designed by Unique are one of the most popular and highly reviewed ergonomic office chairs that combine the dynamic, modern design of office furniture with the support you need to have the perfect posture even after spending 8+ hours at the desk. The manufacturer decided to go for a three-piece option, with the seat being separate from the backrest, allowing for more adjustment possibilities. As far as ergonomics goes, it’s crucial for the user to be able to adjust the chair to their needs. WAU ensures comfort and regulation options for every element. 

What has to be appealing about the WAU office chair line, the design here fits perfectly with modern office spaces as well as home-office solutions. The headrest, backrest and seat are made of mesh or fabric supported by plastic or elastomer elements that finished in black or silver to give the piece the modern, minimalist look. The materials are completely functional and purposeful, the design stays fully ergonomic, but the look of the chair itself does not fall far from perfection. Easychair WAU may be the one to choose if you’re looking for something simple, yet elegant. Fit for an office, but not bad in a home office or a gaming setup. 

Easychair WAU – top advantages

The design of the WAU office chairs is definitely optimal, but how does it influence the overall functionality and ergonomics of the chair? Unique managed to make the chair fit for anyone and everyone. With a headrest, backrest and seat made of mesh or breathable fabric, the chair stays comfortable in any conditions. The slid mechanism allows the user to stop the backrest in any position or leave it freely swinging for optimum work-break opportunities. All the elements of the WAU chair are adjustable, with the tilting and height-adjusted armrests, backrest and headrest. 

The WAU model comes in two versions (WAU 2 having a wider backrest) and multiple colorways to give you the chance to fit it into your office. Among the more classical, fabric and black plastic models, you’ll also find chairs with a mesh backrest and seat, grey/silver elements or a unique, orange option that draws your attention anytime you step into the office. 

Why going for an ergonomic chair should be important to you? 

Ergonomic office chairs allow you to sit comfortably at the desk, providing optimal support for your spine and body regardless of the hours spent in the chair. As physical therapists say, ergonomic chairs were designed to prevent back and neck pains, muscle tensions and unwanted issues with a posture that may occur if you’re spending many hours of your day sitting at the desk. They are the remedy as well as a preventative measure – for people who already have problems with back pain and discomfort while working, properly fit and optimized ergonomic chair is a must-have.